Hello, friend!

My name is Rachael Latteri, and I am the owner of Etui & Co. I live in a little craftsman home in St. Petersburg, Florida with my hunk of a husband, darling daughter, a mini pittie named Stella, and two tortie cats. I’m a gif-aholic, believe that chocolate chips should be a major food group, and am always craving Thai hot Panang curry.

I fell in love with stationery when creating my own wedding invitations. I painted the design, had a friend help me with the graphics, and the rest is history. Since then, I have had the interest of creating stationery that goes against the grain.

If you haven’t found anything that matches your unique vision, I’m here to create those perfect custom designs that are so incredibly you and tell your unique story. If you want your guests to receive their invitation and say, “Oh, yes. This is going to be good," then you are in the right place, my friend!

I love working with individualistic couples to create unique paper goods for their big day, in the most relaxed, friendly, and laid back way possible. Weddings are stressful enough—I’m here to relieve some of that stress by making this effortless for you.

a little about me

  •  Dita van Damned was my roller derby name—and true to my penchant for 1940s fashion, I would always sport victory rolls and pin curls when I played. Though I’ve taken a break from the sport since having a little one, I can’t wait to rejoin the group of incredibly empowered women.
  •  Silence has always been a source of peace for me—I don’t keep the TV on, I drive without the radio, and there is no greater joy than curling up in my quiet home with my knitting or embroidery projects. I’m an admitted homebody.
  • The first date with my husband was skydiving. It was the perfect first date because we didn’t have much time to talk, which enabled me to trick him into not realizing how extremely shy and awkward I am. When he laughed at my Oscar Wilde level of dry humor, I know he was something special. As a result, I strongly recommend skydiving first dates for all shy people.